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5 Reasons Why You Should Lead A Yoga Retreat

Where will your yoga career take you next? For a growing number of yoga instructors, it involves a lot more than weekly classes, so maybe leading a yoga retreat is the next step.

At first, leading an international yoga retreat might seem like a big step. But it’s one of the most valuable steps you can take in advancing your career. Once you learn the benefits of running a yoga retreat, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it in the first place.Get Noticed!

Get noticed!

Once you’re certified as a yoga teacher, it can be tricky to stand out, since leading weekly studio classes doesn’t cut it. That’s why a yoga retreat is such a great way to gain teaching experience and stand out from hundreds of local instructors.
However, choosing the right provider to handle all the logistics of the retreat itself is essential, so you can concentrate on giving your students the best experience possible. Prepping enough class material for the retreat may feel like you’re getting ready to race a marathon, but it’s worth it since you’ll build invaluable confidence and experience.

Grow your personal brand!

When you lead a yoga retreat, you aren’t just promoting and running that one event. You’re working on building and expanding your brand as a yoga instructor.
When your students travel with you to international retreat, you’ll deepen your clients’ practice with an unforgettable experience – and your classes will be at the heart of it. As a result, they’ll be much happier to go on another retreat with you, or attend your studio classes. With a yoga retreat, you’re building a relationship with your students that will last for years.

Make some money

Face it: nobody gets into teaching yoga because of the money. When you’re instructing a handful of classes a week at a studio, you’re probably making a little extra spending money on the side.
But leading a yoga retreat is one of the best ways to develop an additional income stream. Most yoga instructors at retreats make substantially more than they’d make for the equal amount of time teaching classes in a studio. So if you’re looking for a way to do what you love and make good money at it, leading a retreat may be the best way to feed your passions.


Travel without worrying about missing work while doing what you love. On most yoga retreats, you’ll probably only lead a class or two each day, for which you can prepare long in advance. So, when you’re not in your classes, you get to kick back and relax, just like your students do. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, and take advantage of the retreat’s amenities alongside your students.

We know it could be tricky to plan…

So do the research and make sure you choose a provider that suits your needs. Remember they’ll be handling everything, including the food, the lodging, and the site. And all you’ll need to do is recruit your students, buy your plane ticket, and you’ll be on your way to your destination retreat in no time!