– Meditate at the paramo


– Travel to the principal city of thw Venezuelan Andes


– Yoga practices overlooking beautiful landscapes


– Drink hot chocolate at Sierra Nevada National Parks


– Enjoy horseback riding through the paramo


– Take pictures at Laguna de Mocubají


– Lodging at beautiful cabins


Discover a breathtaking  mountain yoga retreat. This experience gives you the opportunity to live in the present moment and to become one with nature. Get ready for Mérida, one of the principal cities of The Venezuelan Andes, a territory of mountains, páramo, mist, cold weather, and beautiful vegetable and fruit crops. Besides, people from Mérida, “Los Merideños” are kind and friendly so that you will feel at home.

You will live the experience of practicing yoga and meditation at the páramo, enjoying its beautiful view of the mountain and its weather. You will meet people that like you, and also love nature and adventure. You will share dynamics groups based in positive psychology, and you will taste a great and healthy menu.



A city with diverse culture, great nightlife and a remarkable commercial and technological development, Mérida is located in the western of Venezuela, between the Sierra de la Culata and the Sierra Nevada. The highest point of Sierra Nevada is the “Pico Bolivar” the highest peak of Venezuela, among other peaks like The Humboldt, La Concha, Bonpland. Mérida is also the main producing city of agriculture in Venezuela, and is one of the favorite destinations for tourism and students, because of its’ weather and its’ wide variety of educational institutions.

Its’ beautiful landscapes and mountains characterize it. From the city, you can get on the longest and highest cable car in the world, which reaches the Pico Espejo.

One of the most visited places is the “Laguna de Mucubají” located at Sierra Nevada National Park. There are restaurants and cafes to try the typical food and hot chocolate.

Mérida counts on numerous attractions like “Los Aleros” at Mucuchíes, “La Venezuela de Antier” at Ejido y “La Montaña de Los Sueños”. These have been created to show how people lived in Venezuela before. We invite you to this adventure where the goal is to be in the present moment, being in contact with nature, to travel to the depths of your being and connect with the light within you and the light in it all.