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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga Outside the Studio

Millions of mothers were right–playing outside is good for you. Bodies respond positively to natural settings, producing more endorphins, improving mood and self-esteem, and bringing on the alpha brainwave responses which translate to feeling calm and focused.

 Imagine the additional benefits of outdoors yoga in a natural setting.


Improved Mental and Physical Health


Just by looking at a beautiful scene, especially a visibly complex one, your mental and physical health begins to improve. Eyes are drawn to naturally-occurring patterns, such as branches swaying in a breeze, clouds transforming into familiar shapes, and the tidal effects on a rocky beach. Researchers found that viewing these patterns brings on both an alpha response and a higher rate of endorphin release.

Researchers also discovered that improved self-esteem and mood are a result of green exercise – physical

exercise in natural surroundings.


Benefits of Outdoors Yoga


Yoga experts say that outdoor yoga:

  • Builds confidence
  • Heightens yoga awareness
  • Deepens breathing
  • Builds secondary muscles


Teach an Outdoor Yoga Class


Instructors should look for these attributes if they plan an outdoor yoga class.

  • big sky view
  • low foot traffic
  • smooth, stable ground
  • soft nature sounds


Immersing yourself in nature will enhance the yoga experience, give you a different focus, perhaps replenish your internal resources. Who can argue with a better mood, a relaxed feeling, and beautiful scenery? Experience the benefits of outdoors yoga.