– It’s free!


– Mantra singing


– Have a different day in the city


– Join the groups dynamics that promote the potentiation of the better version of yourself


– Meet wonderful people


We believe there’s magic at every corner of Venezuela,
We believe it’s necessary to keep multiplying spaces for encounters,
We believe that our city “Caracas” is wonderful,
We believe that the only way to build the country that we dream of, is through love,
We believe in the capacity that Venezuelans have to maximize their souls,
We want everybody to be able to live the “Violeta Experience”
…For those reasons and so many more Violeta360 takes the squares of Caracas!

The gatherings of free souls at the plazas (squares) occur once a month and we change locations so many more people can be part of them.



Caracas is both Venezuela’s capital and the city with more population in the country. It’s a place with a contrast between concrete and nature, chaos and peace. This town is sheltered by El Ávila and adorned with the greenery of its streets, counts on a great variety of landscapes, plants, and animals that give our capital a unique and attractive hue. Is with this green, friendly, and harmonious Caracas that we promote the connection via our encounters.

The Violeta experience at the plazas starts early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You extend your mat on the floor at one of the plazas of Caracas, under a blue sky, a lot of greenery around and probably Caracas’s mountain view ahead: The Ávila.

There in the middle of the city, you initiate with the other free souls a meditation and pranayama practice. With your inner fire enlightened you will be able to start the asana practice, an unexplainable experience, where every inhalation and exhalation connects you with elements of the city that you might never have noticed before.