– Travel to one of the most pulled apart places in Venezuela


– Private ground transport on 4×4 trucks to the Paují, Kawaik Camp


– Hiking into the abyss


– Swimming into La Medalla Pond


– Excursion to the Cajon Cascade


– Excursions through the jungle


– Lodging at Kawaik Camp


– Go on a scape to the oasis of the Great Savannah


Dive into the wilderness with our tropical yoga retreats. Yoga at El Pauji: In the middle of the majestic Gran Sabana this time, we’ll be traveling to El Paují, a magical place that vibes with harmony, where people share dreams and natural wealth, rainy forests, exuberant jungles, tepuys, waterfalls, lakes, plants and minerals just by the land.

It will be a week of scape to this oasis in the middle of the savannah, seven days where the adventures, freedom sensation, and contact with nature and peace will always be present. Here, at this ancestral land where tepuys reign, you will feel that every yoga practice and meditation it is an offering to mother earth.

Everybody is welcomed: from those who want to live their first experience on the mat to those who are considered pretty advanced. This way, contact with nature, asana practice, and a healthy menu will transform into an experience that will harmonize your being.



The Paují, located at Venezuela’s south, is in Bolívar state very close to Brazil. A blessed land, with pure nature, immense savannahs, great views of the tepuys, lagoons, and waterfalls. It is a place founded by dreamers that thirty years ago wanted to get away from the city to live in paradise. Nowadays, it’s inhabited by a community integrated by people that have been traveling from different places of Venezuela, and also the world, and decided to live among this landscapes, enjoying nature, working with handicrafts and tourism.

Our Violeta home will be at Kawaik Camp:

During a week you will feel genuinely “at home”, but instead, you will be in the middle of the Gran Sabana. We will stay at Kawaik Camp, a place that’s far more than a hostel, and it’s the Mauro and Elsa Segulín home, two architects that have been building this oasis with their hands.

The magic is present every moment at Kawaik; there you will be able to find all the comfort you need in the middle of nowhere. At their cabins, you will feel how the rhythm slows down and that day by day you will align with nature’s timing. We will do the yoga practices at a space with an incredible view of the Upuigma Tepuy, in the room named after it. You can bathe in the river, but if you don’t get used to cold water, you can also take a warm shower in the one Mauro built.