Do I need yoga experience?

You are all welcome. From the one who wants to live his first experience on the mat to the advanced yogi. We offer you opportunities for growth and new experience. So everyone can participate, no matter how much time you have spent on your mat. If you like traveling, break the routine, take a vacation, or make friends, our adventure yoga retreats are for you.Thereby, the contact with nature, the practice of asanas and the healthy menu of food, become an experience that will harmonize your being.

About the Yoga style

It depends on the instructor. But generally, you will practice Hatha Yoga. Which only refers to the practice of physical yoga postures, meaning your Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Power Yoga classes are all Hatha Yoga. Regardless each teacher is responsible for adapting each of the classes according to both physical and mental needs of the group.

How many classes per day?

You will enjoy of two practices daily. Normally, one before breakfast (at sunrise), and the other one before dinner (at sunset). Each workout lasts an hour and a half. Including pranayama and meditation exercises.

What’s the level of the yoga classes?

The classes are multi-level so everyone can participate. You all are welcome! However, we recommend you to keep an open mind and trying out practices that might be new to you. In any case, the teacher will be there to help you out with the postures that might be difficult for you.

Who are the teachers?

Our gatherings of free souls are unique and unrepeatable for those who take part of them. The vital members of each group are the instructors. They are a fundamental part of our team. That’s why we do a deep research within the best instructors in Venezuela. They are teachers with strong track records and proven experience in Yoga, who are characterized by their high energy and disposition when teaching.

What if I lead a retreat?

In this case, you are who leads the retreat along with a Violeta’s guide who is going to help you out with the organization and logistics. You will be the one in charge of the Yoga classes.

Can I go on a retreat by myself?

Of course, you can! About half our participants come alone. A yoga retreat is a perfect opportunity to make friends and meet new people with similar interests in a beautiful environment. Part of the Violeta’s experience is the integration of new people and inevitably end up being part of your life.

How many people will be on the retreats?

The group size depends on which retreat you are joining. We try to keep an intimate and small group. The trips range from 15 – 20 guests.

What food can I expect?

We will provide all of the meals during your trip. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner). We always enjoy delicious food on our gathering of free souls and strive to include fresh, organic ingredients as often as possible. Please let us know as soon as you sign up for the trip or before you sign up if you have any special needs; food allergies or any other special needs, dietary or medical.

Do I have free time?

Yes, you do! We plan our schedule, so there is a harmony between yoga practices, dynamic groups and solo free time. You will have time enough to relax, read a book, listen to music, take a walk or what you want.