– Be on top of the oldest formation on earth


– Drink the purest water in the world


– Walk up to the triple point (where the limits of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana meet)


– Admire the quartz crystals in the Crystals Valley


– Immerse yourself into the natural jacuzzis


– Taste different flavors created by the pemon indian culture


– Apprecciate the best view to the Great Savvannah


Discover our mountain yoga retreats. Yoga at Mount Roraima: A life changing experience, Mount Roraima will reinvent and heal your soul. In an 8-day retreat to be in no other place but the present, you will be able to disconnect and enjoy the simplicity of life in one of the oldest geological formations on earth, dating back about two billion years ago.

It’s a journey through deep down your soul in connection with the power of nature. It is a unique opportunity to meet Mount Roraima in a magic and different way. It is a special trip that combines yoga and trekking so that you can live the best of each activity in the middle of the purest nature.

In this experience, you are all welcomed: from those who are going to live their first experience on the mat to those who can call themselves advanced yogis. Since trekking demands a good physical condition, we recommend to those who don’t train quite often, to be involved in exercise for weeks or months before experiencing trekking because it includes long walks with a duration around 4 to 5 hours daily.



There are many sights of interest on top of Roraima. Discover the endemic flora and fauna of Roraima, with its carnivorous plants and animals. Walk up to the triple point: where the limits of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana meet. Admire the quartz crystals in the Crystals Valley. Feel on top of the world in The Maverick: the highest point in Roraima, with a high of 2.810 meters above sea level and finally immerse yourself into the natural Jacuzzis and enjoy the purest water in the world.