– Admire the 340 bird species


– Enjoy horseback riding


– Go on a day-time Safari


– Have fun on the night – time safari


– Try the carachteristic food of Los Llanos


– See exotic fauna


– Daily meditation


– Yoga practices at sunset


Dive into the wilderness  with our tropical yoga retreats. Yoga at plains “Los Llanos”:  Venezuela, an incredible land of grace that counts with extensive plains full of the greenest grass and tons of magic is home for “Los Llanos”. This fantastic place where nature opens up with its entire splendor offers their visitants the most beautiful landscapes and magnificent sunsets along with a unique experience emotionally charged.

This Violeta experience invites you to live, and enjoy three days at the Hato Piñero, visiting Los Llanos as well with its lagoons, blue skies and the most exotic fauna you could ever imagine.

A weekend where yoga and meditation meet horseback riding, visits to the lakes, bird sighting, safaris to contemplate the flora and fauna, night rides searching tigers, and, a healthy menu along with unforgettable experiences.



Los Llanos forms one of the most beautiful regions that we can find at Venezuela. Its’ vast savannahs get along with the horizon, where vegetation and fauna are so varied; it has a unique and overwhelming beauty. Its’ extensive lands have a lot of ecosystems that offer you an opportunity to appreciate diverse types of landscapes and experiences that make El Llano so gratifying for nature lovers.

Our Violeta home will be:

The charming Hato piñero. A wild paradise located at the Venezuelan llano, specifically in Cojedes region. It counts with an 80 hectares extension and thousand of stories that nature, with its dynamic, writes every day.

This magical place counts with more than 340 bird species, from those 9.000 already specified in the world; additionally, there’s 49 mammals species and 42 reptile species, 850 type of flowers and 25.000 cow heads registered.