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Reasons To Meditate: The Full Enjoyment Of Life

It’s 6:30 am, and the alarm clock does its’ work, regularly and on time. The movement to snooze the alarm is fast and straight, and the desire to stop it is instant; to continue lying in bed for a few more minutes, or even an hour; but duty calls. Half asleep we begin a series of automatic deadly actions that consume our most precious value: time, which translates into: Our life. And this is how days, weeks, and years go by…

Happiness is there every time, but once in a while it faints. We are so immersed in the ocean of doing logic tasks to survive in this world of constant hurry, that we forget to remain close to what’s essential: The full enjoyment of life. There are many tools we can rely on and apply every day to feel the full enjoyment of the present moment.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we possess. And the good news is that Buddha taught us that meditation can be done at any time: while sitting, lying, eating, or even walking. Applying meditation, as well as small changes, will help us get the full enjoyment of life.

  • Take deep breaths
  • Look at people to the eyes
  • Stare at the sunrise
  • Feel the sun on your skin
  • Notice the different colors of the sky
  • Give your loved ones a big hug
  • Pay attention to the taste of your favorite flavors
  • Laugh
  • Listen to the melody of the birds
  • Love without limits

These are just a few ideas that will help you experience the pleasure of living. Meditation will help you learn how to control your emotions by taking a break to analyze what you’re feeling or thinking, what your body wants to express, and how to overcome anger and fear. By meditating you will learn to be and to live with yourself. It is all about learning to ignore the noise, by paying close attention to your inner self.

We should not live to wait for Friday, summer, or vacation. Happiness and harmony are in the full enjoyment of the everyday details. It can be found in the genuine expressions of love and kindness we experience every day.

We must learn from children; they don’t need to buy the best suit or be in an extraordinary place to smile and play; they’re able to find happiness easily.

Let’s make an effort to celebrate each moment of our lives, even if one it’s not perfect. Let’s raise awareness for being alive and fully enjoy everything because life is today and our moment is now!