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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Yoga Retreat Destination for YOU

There is no doubt Yoga has already taken part of our daily lives for almost two decades now, its’ benefits are a well-known fact for almost everyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last 10 to nearly 20 years. With this, Yoga studios are open and available in as many cities as you can imagine, and both women and men have bow down before the wonders behind the “Namaste.”
This old news Yoga is why people are now looking for new experiences and environments to practice this millenary discipline. Over the past years, Yoga retreats have emerged from every corner of the world to offer people life-changing trips full of both Yoga and meditation with the extra.
With so many options out there, we decided to give you a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect retreat destination for your next Yogi adventure:

Far Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Good

Ok, we know. You want to adventure yourself and go AS FAR as you can, but don’t let this ruin the opportunity to travel somewhere as magical (or better) as that retreat your friend told you about in Timbuktu. Why not check for closer and cheaper places? South America and the Caribbean are FULL of incredible destinations to visit. Check them out before settling for a retreat that requires a 17 hours flight.

Check Places Where Your Currency Is Worth MORE

Yes, there are a few places in the world where your money is worth almost as five times its’ value. In fact, a dollar is worth 1000% more of its’ real value in countries like Venezuela, which can be an opportunity to travel on a budget and visit breath-taking places. Way to scratch a few places off your bucket list without spending your life savings!

Challenge The “Don’t Go There”sof Your Life

Take a chance. Some people may resist visiting other countries and cultures outside their comfort zone, but, go ahead! Dare to take a transformative adventure guaranteed to have an influence on your spiritual growth and self-realization. Did anyone ever tell you about that time they did the Warrior pose in that sunrise at The Andes Mountains? No? Exactly…